Flexible concrete mattresses that provide a range of innovative engineering solutions.

By bonding concrete blocks to a woven polypropylene mat using a patented process, Flexmat provides a flexible concrete mattress suitable for a wide range of applications.

The system, with hundreds of applications in Australia, both onshore and offshore, is a highly economical and durable alternative to in-situ systems such as rip-rap, rock linings, groutfill mats, reno mattresses and sealed lining systems. (bitumen, concrete slabs, pavers etc.)

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Key Features:

  • fast installation rate (normally exceeding 75 sqm. per hour)
  • at least 80-year durability in (sea)water, maximum UV protection;
  • environmentally and visually attractive, especially if dyed;
  • broom-finish anti-slip roughness (minimising public liability risk in boat ramp and waterway embankment applications)
  • hydraulically smooth lining face, ensuring that visual pollutants such as weeds, plastics and other rubbish will not be trapped;
  • retrievable and re-deployable in seasonal or temporary applications such as beach ramps, access roadways etc.
  • not sensitive to vandalism and virtually maintenance free;
  • excellent resistance against chemical and biological degradation;
Flexmat: finalist 2008 IEA awards